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VCAT Submissions & Representation
If all other avenues fail to achieve the desired outcome or circumstances lead to a permit not being received within the statutory time frame we can represent your interests at a hearing before the Victorian Civil and Administration Tribunal.

Pre-Project Consulting

Clause:1 can assist developers and architects gain a comprehensive understanding of the potential capacity of your site and identify the planning issues likely to be faced by your intended development. By engaging Clause:1 prior to project commencement you could save months of headaches and tens of thousands of dollars in dud-project costs.

Planning Permit Applications & Approvals

Obtaining a planning permit is an increasingly complex and disputed part of the development process. Clause:1 specialises in the preparation and submission of planning applications that meet the rigorous and sometimes tedious requirements of council planning departments. We know the statutory controls, have existing relationships with council planners and remove the need for you to deal with the bureaucracy that can sometimes stifle a development proposal.

Planning Scheme Amendments

The process for amending a planning scheme may take up to 2 years and is heavily regulated. Rezoning is a formal planning process which, when complete, alters the range of activities permissible on a site. This may increase or decrease the range of permissible uses and significantly affect the sites value. Clause: 1 can assist you through all phases of the process.


Applications for the subdivision of land are becoming more common as a result of the State Governments Melbourne 2030 Policy. Understanding the application process, related Local and State Policy and your rights is essential to acquiring a prompt outcome in your favour. Clause: 1 specialises in the preparation and submission of subdivision applications and can push your application through to completion.

Planning Mediation & Negotiations

In some cases the fastest way to move a proposal forward is to discuss the proposal with the effected parties. If the issues under conflict are not critical to the viability of the proposal an outcome can often be brokered without the need for more formal, costly and time consuming proceedings. Our experienced staff can facilitate mediations on your behalf, whilst representing your best interests.

Business Use and Signage

Smart business people understand the importance of using experienced professionals to ensure things are done right the first time. Clause:1 can provide business leaders with the advice and services required to meet the stringent requirements State and Local planning regulations.

General Planning Consultation

Clause: 1 is the starting point for all matters relating to property planning.


We can provide assistance with any matter relating to state or local planning controls including new developments, renovations, subdivision, planning scheme amendments, overlays, businesses use and signage permits.


In addition, Clause:1: can provide planning assistance to identify the potential opportunities associated with a specific site and any planning considerations that might limit that site’s development potential.


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